Theresa Revell

 Health Coach,

Personal Trainer, and Massage Therapist

(850) 597-5128



 Different stages of change require different processes or recommendations. Think about where you are at and what might help you the most at this moment. Below, I have presented ideas to get you started. You can choose any combination or something unique to you. The question you're trying to answer, if you don't know already, is "what specifically do I need help with?"


Determining what you want using a decisional  tool to get started and then explore what your next step is going to be. 

Determining your current level of fitness. I can help you figure out where you are now versus where you want to be using fitness assessments, as appropriate, and answer questions regarding your health and fitness.

Setting up motivation strategies  for adherence to the goals you've decided upon. These may include utilizing social support, monitoring tools, and constructive feedback. 

Developing exercise routines for you to follow and making modifications as necessary based on progression and goals.

Setting realistic goals or modifying goals that you may already have but aren't working because they aren't specific or measureable. 

Specific techniques for the safe and effective performance of various exercise movements and checking for proper form.

Finding out which exercises may be contraindicated because of current muscular imbalances, chronic pain issues or range-of-motion limitations.

Maintaining records of your progress or lack of progress with respect to the exercise program.

Designing tailored interventions by identifying barriers to exercise and finding strategies to overcome barriers.