Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of issues do I work with?

I have many years of experience and multiple training perspectives that allow me to work effectively with a broad range of issues. I specialize in techniques that allow me to:

  • diagnose nervous and muscular patterns that generate pain, fatigue, tension, and misalignment

  • release patterned soft tissue imbalances to reduce pain and restore comfort, function, and range of motion

  • provide movement training to maintain alignment, structural integrity, energy, and overall health

How do I approach helping you?

I have a strong belief in the ability of your body to improve and heal itself if given the proper care and guidance. I have a broad combination of training, skills, and certifications and I apply them all to help you become healthier and feel ease in your body. Many clients come for help with pain, tension, fatigue, or a specific complaint or injury and while I am addressing these areas of concern, I am also focusing on isolating the root causes of these conditions so that overall health can improve rather than deteriorate with age. For these reasons, my clients often find that even severe chronic issues can be amended over time. 


How is my approach different from other massage therapy?


I know that your condition and concerns are unique so my ability to help you will depend upon my ability to understand your situation, history, and needs for healing. Many therapists and health workers have a set method or approach to their work, whereas I have found that a "one size fits all" approach to health does not generally work. So, I specialize in listening to your concerns, analyzing your physiology, and determining the best approach for working with you every time I see you.