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Theresa Revell

 Health Coach,

Personal Trainer,

Massage Therapist

(850) 597-5128

I'm here to help you. I'm a certified health coach, ACSM-certified personal trainer, and licensed massage therapist with over 20 years experience.


Do you need help restoring function and strength to your body? Are you having chronic aches and pains and don't know how to get relief?


Do you need help designing and implementing a wellness plan that works for you?


Do you need help with motivation or finding solutions to obstacles that interfere with establishing a new healthy habit?


Let me help you to gain more freedom, more strength, more energy, and more vitality in your body. 


Each client has a unique set of circumstances and factors that will require not only knowledge and skills, but an ability to listen carefully in order to meet the client's needs. No two bodies respond the same, even under the exact same stress. Interventions and treatments need to be tailored for the greatest therapeutic benefit. 

Techniques in manipulating soft tissue gives me insight into the imbalances of a person's muscular system and nervous system. This information is used to develop a fine-tuned program of movement and massage to bring balance, strength, and ease back into the body. 

This is my passion and my life's work. I love to help people with strategies and support so they can feel empowered to become healthier everyday. Whether it's massage therapy, personal training, or health coaching, let's work together to find the best step-by-step plan that fits your goals and needs. 

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu